Cfagent not updating

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To run more times per hour you could add something like this: I'm trying to make cfexecd run on week days, during work time.

Reading the docs I thought it would be enough something like: I know it's probably massively too late, but the answer is probably that apt-get locked up whilst answering a question (do you really really want to install that package or were maybe you just kidding when you asked for it? thanksi operated as this article ,but i got errors "Server returned error: Unspecified server refusal (see verbose server output) Can't stat /var/lib/cfengine2/masterfiles/inputs/in copy" i checked the version both of clients and server they are different,maybe it caused the errors?

Now comes the hardest part actually configuring the software to do something useful.

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If you are ok with accepting an ssh key the first time you connect to a remote host, then 'Trust Keys From' (in on a server) and the 'trustkeys=true' parameter in the first copy action (on a client) accomplishes the same thing. Hr17 )The 'Note on Security' is very misleading, if not just wrong.As stated in part 1 of this tutorial series, normal client-side operations of CFEngine is for cf-agent to: 1.Each managed client will retrieve this rule file and then execute the rules locally. The server itself will be able to force "pushes" of this file, and thus execute the rules upon any of the managed clients, either individually or en masse. This means that the server's public key must be copied to the client, and the client's key must also be known to the server.

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