Christina aguilera plus size dating website

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She was definitely channeling her inner 1940’s starlet, which surely contributed to the huge success of the album and the tour.

Watch the Candyman video below where she pays homage to WWII military world, to Rosie the Riveter and to the 40’s in general.Today, in news of the depressing: famous curvaceous woman Christina Aguilera has been offered million to be the new spokesperson for a “plus-size” dating website called The Big And The Aguilera's career and feel she would be a perfect fit as the new face of the brand,” Thompson said in a press release. Who are they going to ask next, Christina Hendricks?The site is owned by winner Whitney Thompson (the first plus-sized model to win the competition), who started it as a result of her own struggles to find a date online. Her promotional duties would involve “one television commercial, one radio spot, two photo shoots, and four public appearances in which she endorses The Big and the Beautiful.” She would also need to write them a catchy jingle, ‘natch. (And so is Whitney Thompson, for that matter.) To tap her to be the spokesperson for a plus-size dating site is a little offensive to all the actually-fat people out there. And why do we even need a website for plus-size people?She actually had her pinup revival in 2006 when she released the Candyman video; we think you all remember it, she was a gorgeous dancing sailorette with absolutely perfect makeup and hair. Whatever the reason, we love that so many celebrities have been rocking the pinup look throughout the years.Katy Perry is another celebrity tapping into the most fun and playful side of pinup with her colourful outfits and crazy hair.

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