Google tv guide not updating

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Most of these app components are declared in the app manifest which is used by the Android OS to decide how to integrate your app into the overall user experience with their devices.While, as mentioned earlier, a desktop app is traditionally running as a monolithic process, a properly written Android app needs to be much more flexible as the user weaves their way through the different apps on their device, constantly switching flows and tasks.That being said, this recommended architecture should be a good starting point for most use cases.If you already have a good way of writing Android apps, you don't need to change.The point of all this is that your app components can be launched individually and out-of-order, and can be destroyed at anytime by the user or the system.Because app components are ephemeral and their lifecycle (when they are created and destroyed) are not under your control, you should not store any app data or state in your app components and your app components should not depend on each other.Unlike their traditional desktop counterparts which, in the majority of cases, have a single entry point from the launcher shortcut and run as a single monolithic process, Android apps have a much more complex structure.A typical Android app is constructed out of multiple app components, including activities, fragments, services, content providers and broadcast receivers.

Live Data also respects the lifecycle state of your app components (activities, fragments, services) and does the right thing to prevent object leaking so that your app does not consume more memory.Models are components that are responsible for handling the data for the app.They are independent from the Views and app components in your app, hence they are isolated from the lifecycle issues of those components.In Android, this app-hopping behavior is common, so your app must handle these flows correctly.Keep in mind that mobile devices are resource constrained, so at any time, the operating system may need to kill some apps to make room for new ones.

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