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or Miss Right and then they make the move and they may be 30 before that happens. Lisa: Yeah, no, my mom was married 50 years before my dad died and for her, the process of moving into marriage was very natural. And she doesn't understand the culture that I'm in now, where you are building a career or you're having fun and you're traveling across Europe or you're finding yourself or you're picking out of a myriad of choices and it just confuses her. I'm gonna meet some amazingly godly guy who's also super attractive and possibly wealthy.But today we want to talk about that stage of singleness and what's happening, what the culture's doing to you, what you need to be doing to prepare yourself for marriage and thinking about what your call is. Jim: Let's Well, let's start with your journey, because we need to qualify who you are and why you're an expert in this area of singleness. You need to do all these things and become something great. (Laughter)Jim: Any other—Lisa: And it was very—Jim: --qualifications?I can't tell you how many people I know who are out there dating people who have no business dating, because they can't get to marriage within the next 10 years say. Jim: --that I liked, but I didn't have that same —Lisa: Yeah, well—Jim: --going, "Wow, she's the one." I did with Jean. Lisa: --there's a difference between going on a date with someone and this is where I say we need to actually infuse a little bit more of a light-heartedness and a casual nature for it—Jim: Just friendship. You know, he knows her favorite drink at Starbucks.Lisa: --just going out on a date, asking someone to coffee because they interest you, because you know, you think there's something neat about them, whatever. They can sense tone in one another's voices, but there's absolutely no stated relationship. And generally it starts out under the premise of friendship, but then one person becomes connected.

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" And I always like to tell people, well, you know what? If it's marriage, if it's celibate service or singleness, whatever that is, we want them to be equipped for it. Jim: --because like you said a moment ago, there's gotta be a connection to reality. Jim: --I mean, it does take a change of temperament, because I think marriage has been bullied—Lisa: Uh-hm. Some are fearful, because they've seen their Christian parents not do so well—Lisa: Absolutely. They are the product of the largest divorced generation in history, which is the Boomers.Jim: Now Lisa, you do such a fantastic job leading Boundless, which is an outreach for singles here at Focus on the Family. Lisa: Well, it illustrates that apparently, there's something in this book for everyone (Laughter), because my mom is 86-years-old. So, I had to reconcile the two of them, which was difficult to do. And so, I went to college, started, you know, got my first job and started moving all around the country to escalate in my career of journalism and P. at the time and put marriage on the backburner and then woke up one day and I was 30-years-old and I was like, did I do something wrong?You've just finished the Boundless summer conference. This is my line in the same of what I wish I'd been told about dating and relationships and thriving in singleness. She loves Focus on the Family and I had her read the manuscript before it went to print. 'Cause this script that I thought I was gonna be delivered didn't work out the way I thought.Teaser: Lisa Anderson: So I was at my parents' house and I was sitting there and it just dawned on me that I was actually 30-years-old.And not that I didn't know that I was single, but it was that realization of the weight of a story that I had not scripted that was actually mine.

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