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My client was accused of committing a theft and then running away from the police officer. And, a compound fracture to the alleged victim's finger. In this case we pulled the records from the alleged prior strike convictions and we learned that one of the alleged strike convictions was not in fact a strike conviction. You know, we had about 4 or 5 different Deputy District Attorney's on the case while we were trying to resolve the case. A.'s offer was plead guilty on two of the three counts and a 90 day minimum jail sentence. My client was charged with possessing child pornography and over an ounce of marijuana in Santa Clara County.We were able to enter into a civil compromise with the alleged victim. After presenting this fact to the District Attorney, the District Attorney did the right thing and struck the prior strike allegation prior to trial. And, oh by the way, you have to serve actual jail time. Well, when I get an offer like that, I explain to the client that since you are getting the shaft anyway, might as well go down swinging. In a crazy move to an outsider we go for a trial by judge. The District Attorney was not budging in offering a non-registrable sex offense.My client said that his ex-wife's new boyfriend threatened and harassed him when he got there. The court then granted my client's request to set aside the conviction and enter a not guilty plea under Penal Code section 1203.4. And, you won't believe it, but the City says that my client's guns should be taken away! Anyway, we won the Welfare & Institutions Code § 8102(c) opposition. My client was accused of embezzling over ,000 from her employer. The District Attorney told my client to plead to two felonies. The neighbors alleged that my client also threatened to burn their house down. The judge denied the neighbor's request for a restraining order. Client doesn't want any arrest record because he holds a professional license. Anyway, my client wants her trial because she doesn't want to do 15 days jail. In San Mateo County my client was charged with possession of Clonazepam (Health and Safety Code section 11375(b), a misdemeanor).At the hearing in court, my client's ex-wife asked the judge to drop her petition. My client was accused of physical abuse and harassment against her elderly neighbor. The City of San Jose takes my client's firearms after a 911 call reporting that she is suicidal. Needless to say, this case was charged as a felony. The magistrate told my client to eat 8 months in the county jail. So, we go to court to vindicate my client who doesn't want to be subjected to a restraining order when he has been falsely accused of these atrocities. At trial, she explains to the jury that the jacket was her friend's and that she was returning the jacket to her. My client was on probation with search and seizure as a condition of probation.Then, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the resisting arrest charge. But, despite this big win, my client was still facing two prior strike convictions which meant that he would still face 25 years to life in prison if he was convicted in this new case. We had some not so obvious and awesome defense issues in this case. And by the way, I was the second retained lawyer in this case.After my client successfully completing Diversion on the petty theft charge his case was dismissed. The alleged victim's pre-surgery medical bills totaled over ,800. So, my client had a choice, did he want to take his chance at trial or take his chance at pleading guilty or no contest and asking the trial court judge to strike one or more of his prior strike convictions so that he could avoid 25 to life. Fortunately, I spotted a search and seizure issue in this case and clung onto it like a rabid dog - because it was our only chance in defending this case. My client was happy not to go to jail and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The ex-girlfriend called the police and reported that my client had punched her in the head multiple times and scratched her.

It was further alleged that he grabbed a hold of her and then prevented her from going back into her apartment while he was making sexual advances to her. We got an investigator on this case, investigated the complainants background and set this case for trial. My client was accused of driving with a .13/.14 blood alcohol concentration. The jury didn't see the case the same way that the prosecution did. The officer said that my client failed all of the field sobriety tests. The marijuana is separated into 4 bags of approximately equal weight. My client denies possessing a medical marijuana card.

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After running two stop signs at 15 and 20 miles per hour a Brisbane officer attempts to pull my client over.

In San Mateo County my client was charged with possession of marijuana for sale (Health and Safety Code section 11359, a felony).

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